Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Snowflake and Applesauce

We have our two steers for the year. I was on the phone with my mom and working on a scrappy winter project when she asked to speak with Morgan. She asked Morgan what the cow's name was, and Morgan said, "Snowflake". Ok. And because the other one was a fair haired lad, I named him Applesauce. I must admit, they are the cutest cows we've had yet. They aren't friendly yet, but they aren't afraid of Cooper, which is a good thing, because they are very big, and if they got fiesty and busted out of the property, there isn't much I can do if Steve isn't home. Steve said one time when he was feeding them grain, Cooper and Applesauce both had their heads in the grain bowl, munching away, and they kept butting heads and moving each other around the pan. Cute.

Now, our two little men have a great fascination with a certain blond girl. When she has her great big pink boots on and is helping daddy with the irrigation, etc., he always has to make sure to put himself between her and our bovine, because they are a might curious about our sweet lass, and always want to check her out. And she's 3, so she doesn't notice, nor does she care abut personal safety.....

I managed some photos yesterday of said bovine and our other little lamb, Payton. Applesauce was lying right next to the fence so we tried to get a photo of them together, because of course PJ is fascinated by them as well. But Applesauce didn't take kindly to the sudden onset of Fiero fam, and stood up. We just set Payton down and she toddled over to say hello, and got her little index finger within millimeters of a snotty cow nose. I did manage to get a photo of the event as I hunkered behind the composter, trying not to scare him off. Isn't he cute?

And the next one is Snowflake. He is a little lighter in color, but now that I know him better, I think he should have been called "The Donald"..... because of that trademark hairdo.

Next year we plan to fashion a little pen for a couple of piggies to raise for the summer. I warned Steve that they are like dogs and he will be sad after spending the summertime hosing them down and scratching their bellies..... but we eat sausage and might as well raise our own.... it costs less, it tastes better, and we might as well utilize the space, teach our children about responsibility, and have ourselves a regular farm!

Monday, May 28, 2007

Happy 58th Anniversary!


I was g0ing through some boxes and making piles for Goodwill when I came across Morgan's Halloween costume from 2005. She of course immediately stripped down and put it on. Steve was outside building fence so she headed out to play, and when I caught a glimpse of her out the window, of course I immediately grabbed my camera. The mind whirls with ideas for the scrappy goodness that will come from this photo opportunity! And for once, my independent girl and her independent self did not bother me one bit. I tried for a smile, or at least EYE looking at the camera, and am actually ecstatic with what I got. This is a little sample. She's had that outfit on all day.... we shall see if I can get her out of it!

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Mom's Day

Now that Mother's Day is past, I can share what I sent Grammabon and Grandma Fiero for Mother's Day.

The red paper is just the background. I altered CD's and made them magnets for the refrigerator. I thought Grammabon would like these two because of the apple red she uses in her kitchen. Most of these supplies are Cosmo Cricket.

This one for Grandma Fiero was made with Making Memories products. It too matches her decor.

I think these are so cute! I'm going to make something similar to take with me to work. I have a metal cabinet that I can stick it to. I love these pictures of my girls!

My Little Lady

Alyca would like to look at something different..... here's my latest layout! Everything here is Upsy Daisy Designs except the DMC floss and the black ink. I used a flower stamp on the background paper, and the title and sentiment are rubons, which are fabu! Morgan looks like such a little lady in this photo... It's amazing how fast she's growing.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Me. Again.

I was looking through pictures for a project I am working on, and came across this one, fresh from the camera. Steve took this while I was at work last week. It was such a beautiful, pleasant surprise... I love it when he does that.

I just can't stop staring at this photo. When I first look at it, all I can think is, ohmygosh, she's Gorgeous! What a beautiful girl. What a great smile she has here. And she's looking right at the camera.... and it's in focus, and I love the composition... on and on and on and on and on... until it hits me.

Payton looks just like me.

I can't stop staring at this photo. I'm not sure why that makes me want to cry, but it is such a surreal feeling, looking at myself, as a small child. I know I have been a mother for a few years now, but staring at this photo makes me feel the enormity of my job as her mama, and the opportunity that being so allows. I have a chance to do for my babies what I always wanted, hoped, dreamed for myself as a child. I will be able to watch someone who looks just like me grow up in a completely different environment, and I'll get to see what kind of person she'll grow up to be. It's like turning back time and being a fly on a wall in a dream, or something. Don't get me wrong, I love Morgan too, so much so that my heart often feels like it might explode, or something.... but this is the first time I've really seen ME in my girls. Morgan is such a blend of both of us. I don't see a lick of Steve in PJ at all. Just me. That's just amazing to me.

Sunday, May 06, 2007


This is based on a sketch and will be in the upcoming Ezine from Scrappin' Trends.... it's also made with Upsy Daisy Designs patterned paper and flower stamps. I'm on the DT for UDD.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Dis Dat 'N Daddy

There's a lot of finger pointing going on at this casa. It is a common site to see our little PJ wandering around the house, pointer finger extended, saying "dis?" "Dis?" ALL day long. After a while it becomes "dat", "Dat", and "Dat". But occasionally it's "da" "dee". Da. Pause. Dee.

She's really quite funny to watch. We'll be sitting on the couch, looking out the window, and I'll talk to her about the trees, and the cows, and the birds flying around, and we'll wave at Daddy as he drives away... and she'll have her little finger out, and be "Dis"sin', making conversation with me. Super cute.

Not much "Mommy" happening here. She's said it before, so I know she can do it, but she doesn't say it much. Very deja vu because Morgan did the same thing... I'm sure it has something to do with the fact that I'm rarely out of their site, so they don't need to call for me much. And I don't mind. I get to be around them 24 hours a day. I'm a very lucky girl.... except at 2am.

Payton has been sleeping through the night the last couple of nights, but now it's Morgan's turn to wake up.... she is in panties all day long, but at night she's in pullups. I think it's all part of potty training.... she doesn't nap anymore so when she goes to bed for the night she's pooped... and I just don't think she's able to wake herself up enough to drag her little self out of bed and to the bathroom. She just cries a bit in her sleep. I just go in there, tuck her back in and tell her she's safe in her bed, that mommy and daddy love her, and that I'll see her in the morning. She sometimes has bad dreams about crocodiles, so I'm never sure why she's upset in her sleep, which is why I'm always sure to make sure she knows she's safe in her bed. We're working through it.

On another front... Morgan has started going to Gymnastics on Tuesday afternoon's at 1pm. They opened a Gymnastics Academy in Redmond which is fabulous, because I can leave the house 15 minutes before class and not have to waste the whole morning driving to and from Bend for a 1 hour class. She really likes it and I'm glad she has a place to run and jump around with other kids. We're going to do it through the summer until September, because that's when she's taking ballet. The Ballet Academy (www.redmondschoolofdance.com) runs with the school year, so right now they are training for their spring recitals, or she'd be in ballet now. But she's signing up in the fall. I think she'll like it too, because she loves ballerinas, loves to dress up in her play ballet slippers and tutu, and likes to curtsy for me. We'll see!

As for the house.... boy do we have a lot of projects happening at the same time! ACK! Will anything ever get finished! There's so much to do.... everywhere! Steve needs to get a table saw and a chop saw, and then will be able to get started on the trim and the wall of pine. After that it's carpet and we can move downstairs. We've still got a window to put in the stairwell, as well as some stair work as it needs redone and then carpeted, and we knocked out a wall so we need a banister, etc. And then there's my scraproom, and then there's the garage/laundry room... and then there's the pantry and the bathroom cabinets... and in the midst of it we are fencing our yard and creating a garden, and doing property maintenance, and raising two cows.... who's names are Snowflake (thanks Mom) and Applesauce, are quite purty..... and then... well, it goes on and on. So we are busy! But I just saw that gas is $3.29 a gallon, so it's good we have a lot of home work because we can't afford to drive anywhere! We both get 16/gallon! If we go to Bend, that's $7 before doing anything! Ack!

Bio-Diesel! Add that to the list! We are trying to set up a lab in our separate building, but Steve has to get educated on making the mixture, gathering supplies, etc. We are doing it with some guys from the fire department, so they all went in on this bio diesel kit.... but we have to find time to do that too!

AND.... Steve has been working one day or so a week for his friend Aaron, laying tile. Gotta get that renovation/project/summer camping money! So between that and the station, he's swamped!

But. After 1 1/2 years in this house, we did manage to finish the entryway. Mostly finish anyway, as Steve wants to do something just outside the house. But inside... we have a cool new front door, and he layed some tile. Looks very nice. I have my eye on a bench with a coat rack that'll fit perfectly. I guess I'll have to get another can out for the hall tree fund. Sheesh.

In the end, we love our little farm, are very happy here, and are doing just fine!