Monday, April 21, 2008

Spring Tea and a Fish named Goldie

Last week Morgan and I went to a little Spring Tea at preschool. It was a fun little event. The kids had made chocolate covered strawberries the day before, so we munched on those and drank our tea at little tables with paper daffodils and a.k.a. chia pet grassheads that the kids were growing acting as placemarkers. The kids did a little program where they sang and acted out a couple of songs including "I'm a little teapot" and it was super cute. Morgan and I were the most foofy dressed of the bunch, so I'm glad I didn't go with the whole outfit I had planned. I just used the feather boa and the hat. Morgan too. But she also had pearls.

On Saturday the kids needed something to do so we ran an errand in Bend. While there we stopped at Petco to look around. I had ZERO intentions of getting the kids anything except maybe a dogbone for Cooper, but we ended up walking out with our first pet fish. We went with a single Beta. We bought the fishbowl, the pink and blue castle, and Morgan picked out the fish that she wanted, a blue/purple/red one with big tail waving. She declared Princess Goldie to be the name and off we went. It wasn't until later that I noticed that the container said it was a BOY, but that just made me giggle a little bit.

I don't know why I didn't do this sooner. I can't believe how entertained they are by this silly little thing. The bowl sits atop the TV, because of PJ and her enthusiasm, but the kids talk to the fish throughout the day, say goodbye to Goldie when we leave the house, and Morgan has even made drawings that she's propped up outside the bowl and has put photos up there introducing people to her new pet too. It's quite cute.

I've been starting to add to Morgan's chore chart, so figured that Goldie would be a good place to start with an additional weekly chore. I'm sure she'll enjoy helping me clean the bowl weekly. We'll see how long all of this enthusiasm lasts! For now, it was a good investment.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

PJ's 2nd Bday

Let's set the stage before watching the video, shall we?

Steve's birthday was March 20th
Easter party March 23rd
Mallory's birthday was March 29
Spring Break

By the time we got to March 30, we have been partied and cake and candled. OUT. Morgan's schedule. GONE.

So the girls are a bit at the end of their rope. And Payton knows EXACTLY what to do at a birthday party.

You will hear Morgan get upset about something.... I think she wanted to blow out the lighter or something... you will then hear her storm off and then later sweet Auntie Bean raced back to her room to help try and comfort her, to no avail.

Ignore all of that.

EDITED: Not sure why youtube looks blurry right now... maybe something to do with my blog template? I dunno.
Let's talk about Payton's stink eye when she hears her sister trying to mess up her song, hee heeee.
And Raegan. Seriously. That kid.
Look at Payton! Isn't she cute! And could she have been more on cue with blowing out the candles? NO! I snapped away with my camera and managed to catch this:

Did you see that! Candle smoke too! All in focus! Check out her birthday crown:

And Pin the Candle on the Cupcake!

And Auntie Bean took this one:

And these two are my favorites of the day:

Grammabon got her a ladybug raincoat and boots. SO cute. We got her a butterfly magnifying glass.

Is there a cuter kid in existence? Not today!