Friday, June 30, 2006

Payton is 3 months.....

My sweet girl is 3 months today. Awww.... moving away from the newborn stage.... and infant now. A baby. MY baby....

A mommy's girl for sure. Morgan wanted her mama too, but she was more like "mom, get over here, stat" then the sweet "Mama, I love you so much I just want to beeeeeee with you" come hither looks I get from my sweet PJ. Her movements are still uncoordinated, yet if I try to entice her to a binkie as I put her in her bed, she gets her little arms wrapped around my wrist and holds on tight. She follows me around the room, she smiles for me.... she is just so sweet! It's amazing how much love I have for her..... and yet my sweet lamb Morgan can walk in the room, and I can look at her, and despite her terribles.... just want to gobble her up. I'm lucky to be their mama.

Payton went to the doctor on Thursday. She's 3 months today... but it was her 2 month appointment because her doctor has been out of the country. She got three booster shots, handled them as expected at the doctor's office, but was a little fussy and needy in the afternoon after the Tylenol wore off, just wanting mama to hold her. She was okay by the evening though.

I got out Morgan's baby book so I could compare stats. I think Payton is bigger than Morgan was, so wanted to check. Now, keep in mind, Morgan's stats are for an 8 week old, and Paytons are for a 13 week old:

Morgan: 11lb 8 oz. (75%)
Payton: 13lb 8 oz. (90%)

Morgan: 23" (90%)
Payton: 23 1/2" (75%)

Interesting..... now I did weigh Payton at the hospital when Kael was born, and she was about 13lb3 oz. then. That was at 10 weeks. So she hasn't gained a lot in 3 weeks, but it seems I've got me another Chumbelina!

PJ has herself a nice little bald spot on the back of her massive head of AUBURN hair..... is a very good eater and takes less than 10 minutes total....... sleeps through the night, even longer if it wasn't for her sister who's always up at 6:22am. Always. 6:22. Weird.

Hmm. I have all of the parts, but haven't gotten around to making her baby blanket yet. I'd better get on that! I love how much Morgan treasures her blankie. I hope Payton enjoys hers as much.


Payton Jayne

Thursday, June 29, 2006

tee hee

Tuesday, June 27, 2006



Changed this one.... I like it better this way.



Sunday, June 25, 2006

Mom and Morgan in the water at Suttle Lake.

Steve on the wakeboard. He's a natural.... it helps that he used to be a snowboard on the ski patrol at Mount Bachelor. He had fun!

Jump! I'm actuall quite pleased with these pics, because while he was out there, I had to hold on to Morgan who was rubbernecking and would have likely tumbled out if I wasn't paying attention... and I was trying to keep a towel over Payton who was lying on the floor of the boat... and I was holding my Rebel with the big zoom lens on, bobbing in the wind and waves myself.

Woo hoo, Stud.

Our big girl in her wet suit and big girl life jacket. Finally!


Hm.. I don't think she likes it!? Because of the tube, they couldn't just pull them slowly or they would have been swamped by the water. So.... they yanked them, went for a little while, we saw that she was DUN, and when the slowed to a stop, swamped the tube, they fell in, Morgan cried.... Steve grabbed the tube so that he could get a better hold on her, and then Jason yanked the tube out of his hands and whipped the boat around to pick them up. Scared me to death! Steve wasn't mad, though. He said that's what they had to do... but Morgan was panicked! We had to talk about her "adventure" a couple of times and assure her that everything was okay. At bedtime we talked about it again. She was most concerned because she fell in the water and the boat went away. I had to remind her that we came back. I guess we need to start having more chats to prepare her so that she's comfortable with upcoming events.... hadn't thought about that!


Steve and Morgan. We hiked around Suttle Lake on Friday.... 5 miles. Did it in and hour and a half. Not bad!

Mom and Payton

Monday, June 19, 2006

I heart my double stroller

For all the Grammabon's out there.....

Sendin' some lovin' for the double stroller. I've been trying to make it a habit to take the kids on a little loop every day, and that stroller is fabu. Great construction.... lightweight, handles pavement and dirt roads easily..... I can recline one side so that Payton is comfortable, and Morgan can still sit up... one of my favorite features is the sun shade, because you can move it directly in front of their faces for that late afternoon sun......

The only problem is that, time wise, @3-4 after Morgan's nap is the ideal time for me. She's a little postnaptal, so I can give her a mini lolipop, and she can eat, wake up, and get some fresh air while I get some exercise. However, in a couple of weeks, 4pm is going to coincide with 100 degrees, and that won't be fun, so I am going to have to learn to like a walk first thing in the morning. I will at some point.

Anyway, love the stroller, use it all the time, and wanted y'all to know it!

Fishy Kissy

Morgan's first fishing trip was a success! We went camping for the night at Walton Lake, and her daddy set her up well. Every cast got a bite, and we caught several fish. We threw most of them back, but one of them on the first day swallowed the hook so we had to keep him. Afraid of him at first... but it didn't take long for Morgan to find a new buddy. We could barely get her to let that fish go! And when I asked her to kiss the fish... she did! I wasn't expecting her to do that, silly kid. We caught a bunch on Sunday as well. The Hagan's came up for Father's Day and fished with us, but Steve must have the magic touch, because again, with a bite or a fish on every cast, he skunked Eric, who didn't catch a single trout. Marci did catch one, though. All in all, a very fun camping weekend!

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Edited to say: TERRIBLE Toddlerdom

Random toddler stories....

The girls and I are at Walmart.... Morgan is walking with me, because there isn't any room for her in the cart when I have Payton in her carseat. Friendly girl that she is, she says hello to everyone we pass. As we pass the automotive department, she encounters two little old ladies walking near a little old man who's checking out batteries. She says hello, one of the ladies responds and starts to make conversation with her... and then Morgan says "I went Pouuup." The lady asks, "You went poop?" and Morgan responds with... "I went Pouuuup!" The little lady says "good job!" and then she and her elderly cohorts start laughing and commenting about how that's a good way to start the day.. etc. And yes, she did go poop. That's nice.

The other day at around 4pm, we heard Morgan's normal postnaptal cries. Steve went to get her out of her room, and then called me. I walked in, and there she was, pile of outgrown clothes on the floor, used as a footstool so that she could climb.... on TOP of her changing table that's in the closet. I think she napped up there!

Let's see.... yesterday I took a fabulous photo of my girls, and it's so adorable that it must be shared, so look for it in your mailbox. It makes me tear up every time I look at it, I think it's so sweet. Are there sweeter girls on the planet? Nope.

Fast forward to 7:44pm:

Egads! It's a good thing I took a fabulous photo yesterday, because at this point, my girls are driving me nuts! Miss Morgan has been a tornado..... playing with all her toys, all the clippies, allllll over the house to the point that I can't follow behind her fast enough, and she doesn't think it's her place to pick up after herself. Then there's nap time, and yes, she did it again, only this time she was standing rather than sitting, and grabbing all clothes from the hangers and tossing them. The difference is that I removed the outgrown clothes pile yesterday, so I don't know how she got up there.... there is the safety railing at the top, and how she didn't dump the whole thing over trying to lift a leg over it. Is she that fast? I guess so....

So, my girl never took a nap, and every time I went into her room to put her back to bed, another drawer of her dresser was emptied and strewn all over her mattress. She's like the princess and the pea... only instead of all the mattresses, it's mismatched socks from her sock box (yep, started one up), and it isn't a pea.... it's a bottle of pink milk, something she refuses to go to bed without.

So, she doesn't nap, so I fear that the afternoon will be a complete disaster and she'll spend the entire time crying, but she thankfully doesn't do that. She is pleasant enough despite the tornado droppings.... and then we get to dinner. Payton has still spent the day fussing unless I'm holding her, so I didn't go all gourmet on dinner. We had chicken nuggets and tater tots. And to be nice, I give her both ketchup and ranch dressing as dipping sauces. But does she dip her dinner? No. She dips her whole hand, smearing it up to her elbow like lotion. She KNOWS it's food. Or she has her hand in her water, trying to play with the ice. I give up, let her have her way, and then toss her in the tub.

AND THEN WHAT DOES SHE DO? With a large assortment of her bath toys in the tub with her..... SHE POOOOOOOOOPS! My 2 1/2 year old pooped in the tub! She did that 1 tiny time as an infant, and that's the last time that has happened! What is she doing! I made her get out and stand there while I tossed her toys to be bleached, and had to clean said tub. Then I tossed her in for a quick shower, and now she's in bed. However, at now 7:51.... I think I hear "bumps in the night" coming from her room, and honest to pete, I'm afraid to go in there, because I just might tie her up and toss her back into bed. How much do you want to bet she's on that changing table again? Or worse, figured out how to get to the top bunk? She got up at 6:22 this morning. When is she going to be tired? IIIIIII'm tired. I'll go to bed for her.


Sunday, June 11, 2006

LOOK at ALYCA's blog and compare these two..... it was absolute deja vu. Steve didn't even know who it was.

Can you believe it!? I didn't have a black sheet.... and this was before a digital camera, so I just hoped for the best.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

3 generations.

Me and my babies.

The two eldest cousins....

Grammabon with my girls. Love it!

A Fiero family picture. Love it!

Friday, June 09, 2006

Baby Kael David M. came conveniently during nap time on June 8. I held one of Mama's legs and was able to cut the cord. What a cutie! 8 pounds 5 ounces and 21 inches long.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

A little boat trip for the girls..... I am SO bummed, I didn't have anyone take a Fiero family picture while we were up camping this weekend, so there are no pictures of me! AHH! We went for the night to Prineville Reservoir with the Hagan's and some of their family, and had a great time! The weather was hot and the girl's did awesome!

Soggy bottom....

Morgan's such a water baby.... She'd just walk on in until her lifejacket picked her feet off the ground. No fear.... we are going to have to get that girl some swimming lessons!

Two girls....

Morgan and Krysta, about to head out. Morgan looks like she has on a foam front/mesh back hat and a can of cheap beer! Silly!

Our little PJ in her lifejacket. I was afraid her head was going to pop off! We took the Hagan's boat out for the girls' first fishing extravaganza. We didn't catch anything.... and Morgan tossed in her bobber without fishing line. Oops!

She looks like she's passed out drunk or something! I can't believe she didn't complain in this getup. It was VERY hot.... and I put her down on the floorboards so that I could hold a blanket over her to keep the sun off. She just sucked on that binkie and fell asleep. I was very surprised by how well she did.

Fisher woman

Friday, June 02, 2006

Look at this sweet girl. How can you not fall head over heels for her?