Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I figured it out!

Oh man.... I have had this sweet little video camera for 4 years and have just now finally figured out how to post a video online... I think! Yahooie! We have tons of videos so you are going to see more of that on this blog.

Morgan sings:
Morgan doesn't always like to sing in front of people so this is a treat. She sings these songs at school

Payton reads:
Did you give us "Mommy, Mommy Carry me Pleas" ? If so, let me know. My girls got this as a gift and I don't remember who from, but this book is one of their favorites. Obviously. Payton can read each page but got a little gunshy once the camera was on. She does say the animal and "carry me please" on each page though.. and if you can sit through the whole thing, she reads the Lemur page at the end.

So fun!

Morgan Sings

Payton reads