Monday, November 03, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Hi Grammie. This post is for your sweet self.

Steve has been gone Elk hunting so the girls and I did Halloween with friends as usual. They had a BLAST. We trick-or-treated at the Old Mill district where they got to ride on a horse-drawn wagon, which is Payton's FAVORITE thing to do, as she's now a horsewoman, apparently.

After that we went to a friend's house for dinner, and then haunted their neighborhood. The kids are now old enough that one or two houses doesn't cut it, and we had to go up and down the street.

They LOVED the whole day and stay busy counting candy and separating it into different piles. They ask to count their stash every day and are really good about not eating it.

We also went to Morgan's school party that morning and had a lot of fun there too. Payton joined us and loved being able to stay at school.


Monday, September 01, 2008

A Guest Ranch near Susanville California 8/8-8/10

Fiero Family Reunion

For entertainment for the kids, one of the cousins did some face painting, and another brought cowgirl hats for them to decorate.

Both Morgan and Payton LOVED the one-eyed horse named Pirate. They would have taken him home with them if there had been room in the truck, and haven't stopped talking about their horse ride. I think we'll have to do that more often.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Fair 8/3

We were there almost 6 hours! WE love the fair!

A tiny update: The Coast 7/27-7/31

We had a BLAST!

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Fun on the Fourth!

We did the Bend Pet Parade, the Sunriver Fireman's Picnic, and then came home to Redmond for a nap. We mixed it up this year and went to a local barbecue and stayed in Redmond to watch the fireworks too. It made it low key for our evening which is perfect when you have two little firecrackers for daughter's. Morgan was up from 7am to 11pm without a nap and did so good! AirLife was able to land at the picnic, Morgan participated in her first balloon toss contest, the weather was perfect.... all in all a great day! Here are some highlights:

Monday, June 23, 2008

And when she DID know what to expect

Steve had his hands full of Payton so missed the zoom, but what you didn't see is that I actually went up on stage and tried to get her to go back over there and dance with the other kids with me. She wasn't interested so I didn't make her. hee hee. Steve joked that I should have taken off her headband, put it on, and finished the song on my own. Whatever.

I think next year will be easier when I'm not standing right there. Once she's with the older kids, she waits backstage behind the curtains and I'm just in the audience. I think I was too much of a crutch for her. She was spooked the first night so it was hard enough getting her to line up with the other girls the second night. We thought it might be easier for her if she walked out with Miss Amber, but obviously, once the music came on, she was NOT interested. lol

Friday, June 20, 2008

When she didn't know what to expect......

Open for Business!

Finally! Something is finished in my home! And it's gorgeous! And Steve did the whole thing by himself! I couldn't be more proud. And now, a tour:

This is our double sink. Purchased at Costco. It's a very dark brown. It has lots of drawers and many of them are those non-slamming kind that pull themselves in. Very cool.

Steve tiled the back splash with the same tile as our shower. I found two matching windows at the antique store and we backed them with mirror. They are so cool.

Oil rubbed bronze hardware. Yum.

Me. See? The mirror doesn't look too weird with the six panes of mirror in it. See the cool latches on the bottom and the chipped shabby white paint? Love it.

We put this fancy heat mat under the floor tiles. Now we can set the temperature, and when Grammabon stays with us in the wintertime, her toesies will be all nice and toasty when she gets out of the shower, rather than walking on cold tile. Fancy schmancy.

The shower and the fancy man in charge. He's sitting on the seat, lol. He tiled it and put in the shower floor. And he has a little sidekick too.

And what a cute sidekick she is!

Shower seat and floor. The floor is little river rocks. It's lumpy and bumpy so you won't slip, and feels kinda like a foot massage as you are walking around in it.

So that's it! One fantabulous bathroom that is ready for visitors! So exicting!