Monday, September 17, 2007

Ummm. ...

I'm not sure what to talk about right now. Alyca is in Australia, bored out of her mind, waiting for blog updates in her hotel (yah, right).

I guess what I can mention is that this is my best scrappy month for publishing, so it deserves it's own post. Actually, it's October, but everything hits newsstands before the month on the mag, so they are out about now.

I have a layout with Steve waterskiing in the October issue of Memory Makers Magazine. You can pick this up at your local grocery store.
I have a layout with Morgan in it in a book called 601 Great Ideas put out by Memory Makers books.
I have two cards in the October issue of Cards Magazine.
I have my Halloween treat can in the October issue of Paper Crafts magazine.

Wowee! I am so excited about this. I hope to have this kind of luck again.

I'll also post all of the layouts I did with the September kit from Studio Calico. I never would have purchased this paper on it's own, which is one reason I was so excited to work with this kit. I use kits as a way to think outside the box. These layouts and card came together so easily!

On October 23rd I'm teaching another mini album class at Scrapbooking Outside the Box. It is going to be themed "There's no place like Home".... and I'm in the process of making the cover right now. It's going to be a front door!

My other class had 12 signups but only 6 came that night. That was perfect, because the spacing is tight, so this enabled them to stretch out a bit.

So that's that on that....

Right now Morgan is at school and PJ is napping. I need to wake her up in a few so that we can pick up Morgan at 11:30am.

I also got a head start this morning on my Christmas shopping. It's easier to shop for both kids when Morgan isn't there. Payton is getting some Snap in Style schtuff for Christmas this year. I bought her the Keri doll and the accessory drawer thingy was on clearance, so I got that too.
It rained last night and it's a little cooler today, which is perfect for me. Fall is my favorite season. You know, I could totally move to Alaska where this is the summer temp. I do NOT like to be hot. I just melt, and my squint is so squinty... I just can't see anything and get quite the headache.

On another note, my friend Larie opened a store in downtown Bend called Clutch. It's a handbag store. We took the kids to Steve's parent's house and went to the Grand Opening and had a blast with some friends we haven't been able to spend time with in a long while. I even picked out a bag.... and there's a chance Steve will get it for me! hint, hint.

The one I want is a saddle color, though. Let's just say that I would consider this my third child, should he get it. But every girl deserves to have something nice like that, and I don't do anything for myself, so I should have a nice bag! This is an Elaine Taylor bag.
I also want this:
This is a Vera Bradley. I really want this one too. I would use it a lot over the summer months. So. Two bags. I WANT them. It's about time I got nice things for myself... you know, before I'm old and grey. They'd last me many, many moons, I think.

So there. Updated to here!

Monday, September 10, 2007

First Day of Preschool

A quick update. I have a lot to tell you about Big Lake, ballet, school, me, scrapbooking, etc., etc., ... but I don't have time right now. I just wanted to make a quick post and show you a sweet pic of Morgan on her first day of preschool. ACK! I could cry right now. Today was only for an hour with only half of the kids in her class and all their moms... so it was quick, but tomorrow she'll be there from 9-11:30am by herself. Very exciting stuff! She's growing up so fast!

More later!