Monday, July 31, 2006

How cute are they! It's the first time I've dressed them alike... and they are so cute I'm going to have to do that again! I made their hair adorments. Felt, fabric, ribbon, chipboard, and scrapbook paper, of course! Morgan has hair clips, Payton, a headband. So cute!

Morgan's hair barettes

Tuesday, July 25, 2006


The most terrifying thing just happened to me today!

Papa is getting married this weekend so Sabrina and I went by TJ Max to see if they had anything to wear…. I haven’t been there yet.

My sweet Morgan was being a MAJOR 2 YEAR OLD PILL, and wouldn’t hold my hand or stay with me, so I was holding her and pushing the cart out of the store at the same time. Now, I don’t know if I turned too sharply or what, but all the sudden, the carseat tips to the side and Payton DUMPED OUT of the cart…. The carseat landed on it’s top, PJ face down. I screamed and practically threw Morgan down, turned the seat over, and got her out. Now, the handle was down so it landed on that, rather than her little forehead, and she was strapped in, but it scared me to death! This sweet guy was in a truck right in front of us got out to make sure we were okay. This elderly couple walked by and they also stopped. I was horrified! I don’t know how that happened!

I called Steve so that he could tell me kids are rubber and that she’s fine….. and she’s acting normal now and didn’t bump any parts, but can you believe it!? That was so scary! I’ll always be afraid of the little carts now, because the carseats don’t latch on very well to the little carts.

AAAHH! But she's fine. We got home and apparently this little incident was all she needed to figure out how to roll back to front. She pinned her arm under herself, but back to front she can roll......

Monday, July 24, 2006

And........ Morgan's first family picture. Can I tell you how thrilling this is for me? I think it's because of Alexsandra..... but this kid went from not wanting to draw at all, just wanting mom to draw fish and cookies and moons, to suddenly drawing eyes, with EYEBALLS, and noses, and smiles..... I think this is so COOL! Egads, her memory box is going to be stuffed. I love these pictures!

AKA Paris Hilton....... monopolizing a friend's dog named Lucy. She carted that thing around all afternoon, and Steve only caught her performing the sleeper hold on her neck a few times.

No fabulous photos of me..... but I had a blast racing Marci down the hill. I won, I won too!

Morgan and Raegan getting pulled slowly down the hill. Took 'em a while to warm up to the idea..... A GREAT BIG thank you for our den mother, Auntie Bean, who at one point or another was watching 6-7 kids at once so mom's and dad could play. We noticed, and really appreciate it. Also...... you go girl! After most of the guests had left, she even donned some clothes and took a few turns down the hill herself. Good for her! I told you it was fun!

Here's what we did on Sunday..... our little hump, or the "fallout shelter" as Sabrina refers to it.... made a great platform for a fabulous slip-n-slide. Yes, that's visqueen!

Mommy FINALLY finished Payton's blankie.

Payton and daddy

Here's my Johnny Jump up Girl!


Morgan monopolizing Alexsandra..... "It's story time!"

Head up! WHAT a cutiepie

Papa at Suttle Lake.... Poor lake. Burnt to a crisp in 2004

Cooper thought he'd go for a ride on the raft, but he popped it and fell off!

Cynthia dipping Payton's toes in the lake. She thought it was COLD!

Morgan holding Raegan's hand. Rae is new to the lake experience, and hasn't experienced waves either, so was leery of the wake.

Payton and her Papa

Steve's interesting photo setup. Likin' it.

Raegan, who doesn't like everybody..... Loves her Uncle Steve, and pretty much monopolized his lap.

Raegan at the beach, Suttle Lake.

Payton wants to sit UP. She's just not quite ready yet....

Not to be left out, Morgan insisted she get a picture in the Boppy, sitting up, as well. Silly!

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Happy Halfday Morgan Paige!

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

To all my scrapping friends out there.....

Call me..... Design Team Member. Yep, that's right. I was chosen to be a DTM at a fairly new scrapbook website.... - I hope this is good exposure for me! There are great perks like free monthly kits, a 30% discount at their online store, etc., so I am really looking forward to it! It's a 6 month commitment starting 8/1. My online ID at most scrapbooking forums is dgf0902, so Alyca, and Sabrina.... sign up and participate. I have monthly requirements like 3 layouts and an altered project, I have to participate on the message board, comment in the gallery, things like that, but free product is wonderful, and I can submit my layouts for publication, which is part of my goal. So, this is great!

I also recently applied for the DT position with Junkitz, a manufacturer. Hundreds of people applied, and while I didn't make it, they announced that I did make the top 30. They picked 2 people, had 3 honorable mentions, and then listed the next 25 people in no particular order, so I don't know specifically where I was at but am very excited to have gotten that far up on the list considering I haven't networked by attending conventions, etc.

Anyway, I'm heading up the scrapbook ladder! Now if I could just get my scrapbook room organized, think of what I could create! I'm amazed at some of the layouts I am able to get done simply because I am always scrapping in a disaster with 1 or both small children distracting me, or late at night when I'd much rather sleep! So this is very encouraging!


Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Mallory holding Morgan holding Payton

Miss Payton with her Grandma

HA! My goggle eyed girl

Morgan is a mermaid..... quickly arrected and a photo quickly taken before she was done being a mermaid.....

A great pic of Morgan and her daddy

Run from the wave!

Checking out a jellyfish



Payton Jayne

Fiero family closeup

Hat crafts...


Batter up!

A hit!

Run, Morgan, run!

A great action shot.... unfortunately, Mal...... you're out!

Body surfing Brent

Body Surfing Steve

A great Morgan Sillhouette.

Grandma and Grandpa Fiero

Sandy beach babe

PJ at the beach


Nichole. Choleeee

Having fun

Sand angel